Welcome to Registration for the 2024 Nova Scotia Provincial Music Festival - Live Classes

Registration Deadline: May 17, 2024, 11:59 PM

If you encounter any difficulty in registering for the festival, please contact Jessie Parkinson

  1. When registering, please enter your pieces in the order that you expect to perform them.
  2. Except for Choral, Original Composition and Musical Theatre – for all Solo classes, please check the RCM levels required for all Intermediate and Senior/Advanced entries.
  3. Where there are RCM levels for the pieces that you are singing/playing/performing, please enter them on your Registration form.
  4. When entering your repertoire accurate spelling, capitalization and punctuation are critical.
  5. Also, consistent formatting – refer to the guide below:

Vocal/Choral Repertoire:

An die Musik, Robert Schumann
On Music, Ben Moore
Music when soft voices die, Ernest Gold
Wohin – from Die Schönerműllerin  (one song from a Song Cycle), Franz Schubert
From Dichterliebe, op 48, Robert Schumann - then list, in order the songs you will be singing from this Song Cycle
“Porgi amor” – from Le Nozze di Figa, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
“Somewhere” – from West Side Story, Leonard Bernstein
From St. Matthew Passion, BMV 244 – “Erbarme dich, Johann Sebastian Bach

Piano/ Instrumental Repertoire:

Nocturne in E-flat Major, op.9, no.2, Frédéric Chopin
String Quartet No. 1 in F Major, op.18, no. 1, Ludwig Van Beethoven
Carnaval, op. 9, Robert Schumann - then list the movements you intend to play. e.g.
II Pierre: Moderato
III Arlequin: Vivo
Sonata No 23 in F Minor, op.57 (Appassionata), Ludwig Van Beethoven - then list the movements you intend to play

Nova Scotia Provincial Music Festival Registration Form - Live Classes
*Please register for Classical Guitar Classes on the Virtual form
*Please register for Classical Guitar Classes on the Virtual form
Please include the names and emails for all members of the Chamber Ensemble.
Adjudicator Signature to be sent separately by Festival Administrator
This is NOT required for Musical Theatre

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