In the past, the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals from time to time, awarded a person an Honorary Life Membership. This designation has been changed to Fellows of the Federation. Recipients are listed alphabetically.

In the past, Life Memberships were available for purchase for oneself or for any other person at the cost of $500. To comply with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, this opportunity has been discontinued. The designation of Life Member has been changed to Patron of the Federation. Recipients are listed alphabetically.


Norma Jean Atkinson, AB
Vivienne Bennie (D), BC
Paul Bourret (D), AB
G. Murray Campbell (D), MB
Gail Carleton, NB
Marlene Cherry, AB
Doris Covey Lazecki, SK
Ada English (D), BC
R. Donald Fullerton (D), ON
Gérald Goguen, NB
Mossie Hancock (D), SK
Reg Hugo (D), MB
Dianne Johnstone, AB
Penny Joynt, SK
Kathleen Keple, BC
Dr. Lois Marshall (D), ON
George S. Mathieson (D), MB
E.R. McCrimmon (D), ON
Barry McDell (D), BC
Cora Molstad (D), AB
Robert Murray (D), NS
Gloria Nickell, SK
H.W. Patterson (D), ON
Sharon Penner, SK
Dr. David Peters (D), NF
Dorcas Plant, ON
Donna Quinton-Schonfield, AB
Cindy Rublee, MB
Rosemary Short, BC
D.G.W. Sutherland (D), AB
J. Page Wadsworth (D), ON
Shirley (Baker) Whiston, NS

(D) denotes deceased


Dr. Catherine Allison (D), ON
Marion J. Andrews, NL
Dr. A.D. Bona (D), NB
R.W. Cooke (D), MB
Mary Donahue (D), PE
Ada English (D), BC
William Fairbarin (D), AB
Yolande Fitzgerald, BC
Benjamin R. Guss (D), NB
Thos Guy (D), NB
Gordon Hancock (D), SK
Carole Helfter, MB
Thomas Howden, SK
Lt. Col. C.O. Hunt (D), ON
Polly Krasnoff (D), AB
Hectorine Lauzier (D), NB
Margaret Long (D), BC
Angela Matheson, PE
Vera Mattson, SK
E.G. Pridham (D), ON
John Rooke (D), ON
James Seaton (D), MB
Jan Simons (D), QC
Dr. D. Seyward Smith, BC
D. Crawford Smyth (D), ON
Iris Sproule (D), ON
Joan Tuckey (D), AB
Wilbert Ward, ON
A.E. White (D), ON