Due to the generosity of past donors and investors, FCMF has two investment funds with the Victoria Foundation from which the interest is used annually to help fund awards.

If you would like to contribute to the long-term sustainability of FCMF’s important work of identifying, encouraging and developing young Canadian musicians by contributing to these investments, please complete the form below or download the form to your computer to complete.

Oui, j'aimerais contribuer au fonds d'investissement de la FCFM afin d'assurer la viabilité du rôle important que joue la FCFM au sein de la culture canadienne en faisant un don au montant de
For E-Transfer - please email treasurer@fcmf.org with the question and answer required for processing OR please mail the cheque to: Christopher Lane, 239 St. James Street West, Saint John, NB E2M 2E7 Thank you! | Pour effectuer un transfert électronique, veuillez communiquer la question et la réponse à l'adresse treasurer@fcmf.org afin de procéder au transfert; OU postez le chèque à : Christopher Lane, 239 St. James Street West, Saint John, NB E2M 2E7. Merci

Thank you for your support of Canada’s young musicians through FCMF!

All donations will be recognized on the FCMF website and in all our publications.

An official receipt for Income Tax purposes will be issued for all donations. BN: 118913946RR0001