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Winners at the 1967 Centenary Festival of Music share the impact on their lives.

In 1967, the Centenary Festival of Music was held as part of Canada’s centennial celebrations. Since 1972, the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals [FCMF] has presented an annual National Music Festival. To celebrate the 50th National Music Festival presented by FCMF, we reached out to winners from the Centenary Festival of Music. John Rapson [1st Place Senior Woodwinds/Brass and the Grand Award Winner], Constance Newland [1st Place Senior Voice], Lorraine Prieur [1st Place Senior Piano], Denis Brott [1st Place Senior Strings], and Thomas Williams [2nd Place Senior Strings] all had vibrant memories of their participation in the Centenary Festival of Music.

This video shares the impact of their participation on their careers and their support for the ongoing festival movement in Canada.

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