Welcome to the virtual 2023 Newfoundland Provincial Music Festival Submission Page - Solo and Chamber Ensemble Classes

Submission deadline - May 15, 2023

A separate submission must be made for each class entered.

All selections for the class MUST be on the same video.

For more information about the Newfoundland Provincial Music Festival, please contact Shannon Woodrow

If you encounter any difficulty in submitting your files for the festival, please contact Barbara Long at info@fcmf.org.

To complete the submission process you will need:

  • The class number for each class you are entering.
  • URL for the YouTube link for each class you are entering. All selections for the class MUST be on the same video.
  • A link to a clear, scanned copy of each score with the first bar in each line numbered and named as outlined below. Each score must be submitted as a separate file and uploaded to a cloud format
  • Naming convention for digital scores:  Disclipline_Level_LocalFestival_CompetitorName_Selection_Composer
  • Link to your photo


Directions for recording your performance can be found here

Directions for preparing your digital music score can be found here

Instructional links for video, creating PDF, and file-sharing:

Newfoundland Provincial Submission Form
Please name file as CompetitorName_Discipline_Level
Submit one video with performance of all selections required for this class. Please be aware of any applicable time limits.

Selection 1

Selection 2

Selection 3 - If applicable

Selection 4 - If applicable

Selection 5 - If applicable