Welcome to Registration for the virtual 2024 Newfoundland Provincial Music Festival - Solo and Chamber Ensemble Classes

For more information about the Newfoundland Provincial Music Festival, please contact Shannon Woodrow

Registration Deadline is April 10, 2024

Submission deadline - May 1, 2024 - Details will be sent to you after registration

If you encounter any difficulty in registering for the festival, please contact Barbara Long at info@fcmf.org.

To facilitate an accurate and consistent formatting in the program, please enter the repertoire information carefully, following the naming conventions of the samples below.

  • Please list first and last names of composers
  • Please give key and Opus number following the capitalization, spacing and punctuation below
  • Please list source for pieces that are from larger works by giving the name of the larger work
Sample for Sonatinas, Sonatas, Concertos and other multi-movement pieces or song cycles 
Title Movement Name or Source
Sonata in G Major, Op. 46 No. 2 I. Allegro II. Andante III. Presto
Composer  Time 
Ludwig van Beethoven 6:30
Sample for piece that is from a major work such as an Opera, Oratorio, musical or Well-Tempered Clavier.
Title  Name of Larger Work
I’m Not Afraid of Anything Songs for a New World
Composer  Time 
Jason Robert Brown 3:00
Newfoundland Provincial Music Festival Registration Form - Solo and Chamber Ensembles
Please give FULL address including apartment or suite number
Conservatory Grade levels are note required for vocal and musical theatre classes.
Adjudicator Signature to be sent separately by Festival Administrator

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