Welcome to  Registration for the 2022 FCMF National Music Festival - Chamber Ensemble

Registration Deadline: June 30, 2022

If you encounter any difficulty in registering, please contact Barbara Long at info@fcmf.org.

To facilitate an accurate and consistent formatting in the program, please enter the repertoire information carefully, following the naming conventions of the samples below.

  • Please list first and last names of composers
  • Please give key and Opus number following the capitalization, spacing and punctuation below
  • Please list source for pieces that are from larger works by giving the name of the larger work and any identifying information.

Sample for Sonatinas, Sonatas, Concertos and other multi-movement pieces or song cycles / Exemple pour les sonatines, les sonates, les concertos et autres cycles ou morceaux multi-mouvements.
Title /Titre Movement/Source
Sonata in G Major, Op. 46 No. 2 I Allegro II Andante III Presto
Composer / Compositeur Time / Durée
Ludwig van Beethoven 6:30
Sample for piece that is from a major work such as an Opera, Oratorio, Musical or the Well-Tempered Clavier / Exemple pour les morceaux tirés d'une œuvre plus grande comme un opéra, un oratorio, une comédie musicale ou le
Clavier bien tempéré.
Title / Titre Movement/Source
I’m Not Afraid of Anything Songs for a New World
Composer / Compositeur Time / Durée
Jason Robert Brown 3:00
Please name file as EnsembleName | Veuillez nommer le fichier suivante: NomdeEnsemble
e.g. Comparable to RCM Grade 9

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