Welcome to Registration for the 2022 FCMF National Music Festival

Registrants must be recommended by an adjudicator from an affiliated provincial music festival or the FCMF Local Stream Qualifying Round.

If you encounter any difficulty in registering for the festival, please contact Barbara Long at info@fcmf.org.

Registration deadlines including submission of performance videos and scores:

July 5              Non-Competitive Education Stream for junior-level entries - CLOSED

July 12            Developing Artist Stream for intermediate-level entries - CLOSED

July 15            Emerging Artist Stream for advanced-level entries

To complete the registration and submission process you will need:

  • The name of the class you are entering.
  • Link to 'unlisted' performance video on YouTube. All selections MUST be on the same video.
  • A link to a clear, scanned copy of each score with the first bar in each line numbered and named as outlined below. Each score must be submitted as a separate file and uploaded to a cloud format
  • Naming convention for digital scores:  Disclipline_Level_Province_CompetitorName_Selection_Composer
  • Link to your photo

Please note there may be a $10 surcharge for each link that access needs to be requested after submission. Please ensure you choose the option ‘Anyone with link has access’.

Please note there may be a $10 surcharge for each score that does not have the measures numbered at the beginning of each system.

Directions for recording your performance can be found here

Directions for preparing your digital music score can be found here

To facilitate an accurate and consistent formatting in the program, please enter the repertoire information carefully, following the naming conventions of the samples below.

  • Please list first and last names of composers
  • Please give key and Opus number following the capitalization, spacing and punctuation below
  • Please list source for pieces that are from larger works by giving the name of the larger work
Sample for Sonatinas, Sonatas, Concertos and other multi-movement pieces or song cycles / Exemple pour les sonatines, les sonates, les concertos et autres cycles ou morceaux multi-mouvements.
Title / Titre Movement/Source
Sonata in G major, Op. 46 No. 2 I. Allegro II. Andante III. Presto
Composer / Compositeur Time / Durée
Ludwig van Beethoven 6:30
Sample for piece that is from a major work such as an Opera, Oratorio, musical or Well-Tempered Clavier. / Exemple pour les morceaux tirés d'une œuvre plus grande comme un opéra, un oratorio, une comédie musicale ou le
Clavier bien tempéré.
Title / Tite Movement/Source
I’m Not Afraid of Anything Songs for a New World
Composer / Compositeur Time / Durée
Jason Robert Brown 3:00