Sustaining Sponsors of the Classical Music Festival Movement in Canada

Sustaining Sponsors are those individuals, foundations, associations or businesses that want to help sustain the classical Music Festival movement across Canada. They value the work of thousands of volunteers in small rural communities, mid-size towns and cities, and large urban centers which help provide an educational music performance opportunity for youth. Each year there are approximately:

  • 230 local festivals
  • 10 provincial festivals
  • 700,000 participants
  • 11,000 volunteers
  • 400,000 audience members

These Sustaining Sponsors recognize the importance of encouraging the study and performance of music at all levels, in all communities. Further, they recognize the value of identifying young people with special talent and a systematic approach to developing young emerging artists through local and provincial music festivals to the National Music Festival.

To reflect the importance of the local and provincial festivals and the vital role they play in the cultural fabric of their communities and the country as whole, donations from Sustaining Sponsors of the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals will be divided proportionately among the levels of festivals – local, provincial and national – as specified by the donor. In return, FCMF will promote the foundation, association or business throughout all of its affiliated festivals.

Donations from Sustaining Sponsors will be recognized at the following levels:

Platinum Sustaining Sponsor $100,000+
Gold Sustaining Sponsor $60,000 - $99,999
Silver Sustaining Sponsor $40,000 - $59,999
Bronze Sustaining Sponsor $20,000 - $39,999
Pewter Sustaining Sponsor $5,000 - $19,999

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National Music Festival Donors

The FCMF offers a wide variety of opportunities for donations. You can choose one or multiple ways to designate your donation, including an award, a venue, a discipline or a social event for competitors. Please visit for a full listing of opportunities.

All cash donations will be receipted, and all donations [cash and gift-in-kind] will be recognized at the following levels on the FCMF website and in all FCMF Publications [National Music Festival Competition Program, Annual Report and three issues of Più Mosso newsletter:

Maestoso $10,000+
Grandioso $5,000 - $9,999
Vivace $2,000 - $4,999
Allegro $500 - $1,999
Andante $200 - $499
Friends of the Festival up to $199

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