Local Festivals
Local community festivals are the grassroots of the three-tiered classical music festival movement in Canada. They are located right across the country, in small towns as well as urban centres. Larger festivals may run for several weeks, while smaller ones may take only a day or two. Every local festival engages highly qualified adjudicators who critique each performance, offer help and guidance, and select winners for honours and scholarships. Adjudicators also select students to advance to Provincial level festivals.

Provincial Festivals
The top competitors from local festivals gather annually in each province, attending their respective Provincial Finals competitions and festivals. At these provincial festivals adjudicators help students of varying levels and backgrounds, and they recommend the very best to attend the National Music Festival.

The National Festival
One of the main responsibilities of the Federation is the organization of the annual National Music Festival, which is held in a different location in Canada every year. This festival of classical music brings together the best students from every province, to perform in the top venues in the country, to interact and hear and learn from each other, to have workshop sessions with Canada's best adjudicators, and to compete for the top prizes in Canada. It is a truly unique Festival that enriches the lives of both performers and audiences alike!