Governance Workshop - Nonprofit Board Training: Creating and Maintaining an Energized and Focused Board

Registration Deadline: July 15, 2018

The Federation of Canadian Music Festival is pleased to offer a Governance Workshop on Day 1 of its 2018 Annual Conference. Representatives from local festivals are invited to attend the Governance Workshop as guests of FCMF. There is no registration fee, but you are asked to register here, for planning purposes.

On Friday, August 17, David Hartley of Nonprofit Help will present a full-day workshop on Nonprofit Board Training: Creating and Maintaining an Energized and Focused Board.

Please complete the registration form below if you are planning on attending this workshop on Friday, August 17th, 2018.

Topics include:

· 2 Roles & 7 Goals for nonprofit Boards regardless of the size of your nonprofit  

· How to hold engaging, truly impactful Board Meetings

· Great Agendas [including a simple tip that revolutionizes engagement levels]

· Long-term Direction: Strategic Planning [Board’s role & using a 1-page-per-year “dash board”]

· Long-term Protection: Ficiduary Duties [Boards’ role & how to create a “risk map”]

· 4 Steps to Protect Your Board from Legal Liability - David spent 7 years training Insurance Brokers

· Practically keeping Operations and Governance Separate: Nose In, Fingers Out

· Building & Maintaining Trust & Unity ... with great debate!

· Managing Stars, Steadies, Strugglers on the Board [including best practice “boardroom rules”]

· Helpful Simple [Canadian] ways for the Board to help an organization financially

· Separating “major” from “minor” issues

For more information, download poster.

Governance Workshop Registration Form